Coffee + Protecting The environment

Specialty Coffee Made For Adventure

Our specialty grade organic coffee is roasted to taste good on any adventure

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Our Fresh Coffees

Boundary Waters Coffee - Honey Processed with hints of rosewater, red grape, and black tea.
Rosewater |
Red Grape |
Black Tea

Boundary Waters

Light Roast

Gates of the Arctic - Cold brew coffee with hints of chocolate and fruit.
Rich |

Gates Of The Arctic

Medium Cold Brew

Zion - Dark roast coffee with hints of creamy dark chocolate, molasses, and toasted pecans.
Creamy Dark Chocolate |
Molasses |
Toasted Pecans


Dark Roast

Wilderness - Medium roast coffee with hints of rich cacao, sweet caramel and brown sugar.
Rich Cacao |
Sweet Caramel |
Brown Sugar


Medium Roast

Yosemite - Espresso roast coffee with hints of dark chocolate, rich caramel, and roasted almonds.
Dark Chocolate |
Rich Caramel |
Roasted Almonds



buying coffee for a reason

What Your Purchase Actually Buys...

Earth Heart Icon

1. Projects To Protect The Earth

Idyllwild Coffee invests 10% of every purchase in projects protecting the environment.

Eco-Friendly Roasting

2. Eco-Friendly Roasting Methods

Idyllwild Coffee is made with a Loring Smart Roaster, which produces 80% less emissions than other roasting methods.

Fair Trade Icon

3. Fair Trade In Practice & Spirit

We use TSA certified Fair Trade farms because we believe in investing to make sure coffee workers are treated ethically.

Sustainable Coffee Growth Icon

4. Sustainable Coffee Growing

Our coffee is grown on USDA certified organic farms. We care about the future of coffee.

Tasty Coffee Icon

5. And Of Course - Tasty Coffee

We love two things in a big and the outdoors. Our goal is to offer coffee that tastes amazing no matter where you make it.

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