Idyllwild Coffee + Save The Boundary Waters

Idyllwild Coffee Company is proud to partner with Save The Boundary Waters this summer! We're donating 10% of all purchases to support Save The Boundary Waters' mission to permanently protect the most visited Wilderness in the United States from being destroyed by copper mining pollution.

Boundary Waters Coffee - Honey Processed with hints of rosewater, red grape, and black tea.
Rosewater |
Red Grape |
Black Tea

Boundary Waters

Light Roast

Gates of the Arctic - Cold brew coffee with hints of chocolate and fruit.
Rich |

Gates Of The Arctic

Medium Cold Brew

Zion - Dark roast coffee with hints of creamy dark chocolate, molasses, and toasted pecans.
Creamy Dark Chocolate |
Molasses |
Toasted Pecans


Dark Roast

Wilderness - Medium roast coffee with hints of rich cacao, sweet caramel and brown sugar.
Rich Cacao |
Sweet Caramel |
Brown Sugar


Medium Roast

Yosemite - Espresso roast coffee with hints of dark chocolate, rich caramel, and roasted almonds.
Dark Chocolate |
Rich Caramel |
Roasted Almonds



The Threat To The Boundary Waters

The Boundary Waters faces a threat from Sulfide-ore copper mining. This type of mining is destructive because it leaves behind waste rock full of sulfates that when exposed to air and water, becomes sulphuric acid.

If these metals leak into the headwaters of the Boundary Waters, it would permanently damage all the downstream lakes, rivers and groundwater. Learn more at

How You Can Help

(It's as easy as drinking a cup of coffee)

Idyllwild Coffee Company is proud to support Save The Boundary Waters. Every purchase made now through September 2022, Idyllwild Coffee will give 10% back to #SaveTheBWCA. Buy a bag of coffee and help save America's Wilderness!