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Boundary Waters | Light Roast | Honey Process

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Inspired by beautiful days spent canoeing and kayaking the vast wilderness of the Boundary Waters with great friends. The water lapping the shore, the call of the loons, fresh air, and unspoiled forests immerse you with their beauty. Adventure awaits at every portage, and the sweet aroma of warm coffee gets you excited for the new day that is to come. 


Honey Process
Boundary Waters Light Roast is an experience like no other. We use a unique Honey Process to remove the skin of the coffee cherry while keeping the nectar (also refered to as "honey") around the coffee bean itself. As the coffee dries, the nectar infuses unique and adventerous flavors into the coffee not found in traditional wet washes. There is no bee-made honey used in this process.


TastnHints of rosewater, red grape, and black tea

ALTITUDE: 1,400 meters
REGION: Honduras

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